Randolph Middle School Team 8-4
2006 - 2007 School Year
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Listed below are the lesson plans for Team 8-4 Science.  Homework may be accessed for each day by clicking on the underlined words If there is no underline for that day there is no homework. Submit homework by email: click on the Email HW icon for your period listed above. Send answers only.
Safety Notes
Answers to 14-Sept Measure Notes
Answers to 12-Sept
4-Sep  Labor Day
5-Sep  Teacher preparation day.
6-Sep  Teacher preparation day. 7-Sep 1st day of school procedures. Students will take notes on safety in the science lab. 9-Sep Students conclude taking notes on safety & begin measurement.
11-Sep  Students wiil be introduced to the metric system. Length in meters. 13-Sep Students will complete length, area volume worksheet.

14-Sep Students will measure liquid volume.  Hands-on activity.  Graded project. 15-Sep Students will use displacement to determine the volume of irregularly shaped objects.
12-Sep Students will measure area in square cm and linear volume in cubic centimeters(cm3)   HW 1-10 only.
Students will view the video "Powers of Ten"

18-Sep Students will take power point notes on measurement. 19-Sep  Students will continue to use the metric system by measuring Mass in Grams.
21-Sep Students practice measuring skills by measuring values of objects. Lab activity: "Measuring Mass". Compare % error 3 beam.
22-Sep Students will determine the difference between mass and weight.
27-Sep  Students will determine the % composition of Chex Mix.
Measurment and Safety
28-Sep   Students will continue to determine
the % conposition of Chex Mix. Lab Report due 3-October.
29-Sep  Students will be introduced to E-cybermission.
25-Sep  Students will calculate the % mass of a bananna peel.
5-Oct Students will determine the density of liquids.
4-Oct  Students will determine the dentiy of cubes and rectangles. 6-Oct Students will determine the density of irregularly shaped obects.
3-Oct  Students will be introduced to Density.  Power Pont note taking.
2-Oct No School